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Monday, November 16, 2020

Article on South Australia hotel quarantine workers testing goes missing

SA quarantine workers to get virus test

Tim Dornin

Google search for "SA quarantine workers..."
Google search for article showing it published by Yahoo

Staff and security officers working in South Australia's COVID-19 quarantine hotels will be tested for the virus after two cases in people returning from overseas.

A woman in her 30s, who flew into Australia from India on a repatriation flight earlier this month, has tested positive for coronavirus on day 12 of her 14-day isolation period.

Her partner has also tested positive, although their two children remain free of the infection.

Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Mike Cusack said because of the two positives in quick succession, officials had decided to proactively test people working in the quarantine hotels.

He said while authorities did not expect anyone to be found to be infected, the tests would add an "extra layer of certainty".

"We're very keen to ensure all bases are covered," Dr Cusack told reporters on Monday.