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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Flood Control - an idea out of left field

 Is it possible to siphon water through an inflatable tube? 

Siphoning water from one level to another

The town to protect - raising water level upstream and maintaining constant water level downstream

Inflatable flood barriers


Can water be siphoned through an inflatable tube?

Can the water pressure in an inflatable tube be maintained by inlet and outlet flow control vanes so that water can be siphoned through it, or will the tube invariably collapse when trying to siphon water through it?

Replacing sandbags with water-filled inflatable tubes, and using the same tubes to siphon water from upstream of a town to downstream of the town would be an improvement over filling sandbags, allowing some of a floodwater peak to be moved through the town via above ground tubes that also serve as a flood barrier.

Less back-breaking work than filling and stacking sandbags.


Sandbags in Echuca, Victoria. (ABC News: Sarah Lawrence)