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Friday, January 23, 2015

Science 2.0 Newsletter January 2015

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Hidden Magnetic Messages From Space Discovered

There And Back Again: A Uranium Isotope's Journey To The Center Of The Earth

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Culture       January 12, 2015
Nominate A Top European Influencer For 2015
The Wired 100, now in its fifth year, is an annual celebration of Europe's top digital influencers - the people in the Wired world having the most influence over the sector right now (as opposed to in the past). . Link


Lepton-Flavor-Violating Higgs Decays Fit In With LHCb Anomalies
The CMS Collaboration at the LHC collider has recently measured a non-negligible rate for the fraction of Higgs boson decays into muon-tau pairs. The observation is not statistically significant enough to cause an earthquake in the world of high-energy physics but the matter becomes more interesting if there is a theoretical model which allows for the observed effect, AND if the model is not entirely crazy. Link

10,000 Shots Of Scotch And Why I Don't Fear Pesticides
One of the biggest struggles in toxicology is creating the correct parameters so you are modeling the real world as closely as possible. It's an enormous task to model the environment with its millions of factors, so controlled studies are done using animals. Link


These semi-serious but mostly joking statements are based on my observations as a student and as a Adjunct Professor at community colleges. Link

Dawn Spacecraft Will Introduce Us to a Strange New World
NASA's Dawn mission is closing in on a mysterious, unknown world in the asteroid belt. Link


Ted Cruz Overseeing NASA? It Hasn't Looked This Bad Since 2013, Except For 1993, 1973 And 1959

Picture this scenario: A politician is appointed to run NASA who thinks its budget is too high and then half its money and a third of its workforce is on its way to evaporating. Public support for a mission to Mars is nonexistent.

It must be in late 2015, after anti-science Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has control of NASA, if you read science media.

But it was actually 1973, the Golden Age of Space Exploration. Link

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