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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Daily Telegraph belittles Small Business

Tony Abbott is concerned about fish and chip shops and spent time with the owner of one recently -
Seagull enjoying some fish and chips
Seagull enjoying some fish and chips

Tony Abbott Doorstop

12 May 2012

"If you take a fish shop, well, there’s the fuel that the fishing boats use, there’s the power that they use at the markets to freeze things, there’s the transport which gets the fish to the markets and to the shops. All of this is going to be impacted by the carbon tax and this is why this carbon tax is so toxic for the families and the workers of Australia."

The Liberal member for Benelong John Alexander shares Tony Abbott's concern for fish and chips -

Carbon Tax on Small Business

26 June 2012

"Small business will be hit the worst because they must pay for the tax at every single step in their production cycle. 
The fish and chip shop owner will pay the carbon tax from the minute the trawler fills up its diesel fuel tanks to go out to sea, through the machinery that processes and cleans the fish, the refrigeration costs that are set to skyrocket, right through to the delivery to the shop and the lights that need to flash outside the front door to attract passers-by."

After Tony Abbott and John Alexander put the Opposition's heart-felt interest in fish and chips shops on the public record Simon Benson of the Daily Telegraph let the Coalition have it with both barrels -

Worth the dung on which it's written?

3 July 2012

"Yesterday it was revealed that a leading Australian and international business group boasting up to 300 firms including Westpac and GE supported the Gillard government's carbon price.
And they took out ads across the nation to prove it.
However, after some scrutiny by the opposition, turns out the group is made up largely of obscure operations - none of which would be liable to pay the tax.
Only one company, AGL, is listed as a liable entity which would have to directly pay the tax.
Alongside some of the big names was ....a fish and chip shop. ..."

Great work Simon. Subtle. Biting.