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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Australian energy innovation jobs - CSIRO

Whatever happened to -
The UltraBattery™, developed by CSIRO Energy Technology in Australia

The UltraBattery™ in a hybrid electric vehicle is able to deliver and absorb charge rapidly during vehicle acceleration and regenerative braking, respectively. In wind turbine applications it can also absorb the noise generated by the variation in wind speed, delivering a smooth power output.
Australia energy innovation jobs
Australia energy innovation jobs

For both advanced automotive applications, and grid-connected wind energy applications, UltraBattery™ has shown excellent performance and has the potential to remarkably improve the economic viability, and therefore the 'uptake rate' of HEVs and better utilisation of renewable energy. This, in turn, will reduce the global consumption of fossil fuels and the production of greenhouse gas emissions.

Ah! There it is -
The UltraBattery™, developed by CSIRO Energy Technology in Australia

Ecoult energy storage solutions

UltraBattery®: High Efficiency and Long Life in Partial State of Charge Applications

UltraBattery® technology works in Partial State of Charge with high efficiency, long life and low lifetime costs. It’s safe and virtually 100% recyclable.

UltraBattery® has been tested by major independent labs and installed in grid and HEV applications worldwide. It’s been called, “remarkable”, “a leap forward for low emission transport” and “an attractive and cost-effective alternative to other advanced battery chemistries”.

UltraBattery® gives lead-acid technology a very bright future.

Ecoult delivers complete energy storage solutions and modules powered by the breakthrough UltraBattery® technology - a hybrid lead-acid energy storage device containing both an Ultracapacitor and a battery in a common electrolyte. Our storage solutions manage variability, smooth power and shift energy in a safe, reliable and environmentally sound way - the energy storage of choice for grid ancillary services, wind and solar farms, remote microgrids, multi-purpose datacenter backup and diesel microgrid efficiency applications.