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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Carbon Tax

Making sense of the bizarre and dangerous

A tweet about a carbon tax elicited these responses:
  • "I'm Opposed to handing soverignty over to the Pope's United Nations..."
  • "How profitable does Carbon Tax need to be to justify treason thru loss of sovereignty?..."
  • "Its called treason/sedition, its in our law. Our soverign is the rightful heir of UK not the UN..."
  • "TREASON is rewarded with a noose from a tall tree. Careful , Australia is alot bigger than your Canberra herd..."
Curious about the introduction of the concepts "sovereignty", "Pope's United Nations", "treason" and "noose", some research identified a number of extremist websites promoting these within conspiracy theories. Read some extracts of these dangerous websites on Agenda 21.

The earliest discussion of these bizarre ideas is in a 1993 Los Angeles Times article on the beliefs of a group called The John Birch Society. It expressed fears including:
"Birchers preach that the United Nations wants socialism to rule the world and that global warming caused by pollution is a hoax foisted on gullible Americans to gain control over their land and businesses."

"Our feeling is that over a long period of time, they (communists) have taken control of the federal government of the United States," said Mark Walsh

Fred Koch founded the Koch Oil Corporation and was an early member of The John Birch Society's National Council, an advisory group to JBS founder Robert Welch.

Earlier this year The John Birch Society said it was pleased to announce that Nelson Bunker Hunt of Texas will again serve as a member of its National Council. Nelson Bunker Hunt is an American oil company executive.

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