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Friday, September 2, 2011

WindSpire wind generator - runs silently

Green Machine: Wind farms make like a fish

Inspired by the turbulence created by fish schools, a group of aeronautical engineers in 2010 were testing whether it's possible to position wind turbines so that they help each other – and so boost a farm's energy output. (read more...)

Mariah Power of Reno Nevada has introduced a new wind generator called the Windspire.

Standing at only 30 foot and with a footprint of 2 foot in diameter, makes this wind generator an attractive option for those living in a more confined area. The big plus for me is it doesn’t take a crane to put the Windspire up nor does it require guide wires. The Windspire is hinged so you can assemble it on the ground then raised with the use of a hand winch.


  • They have the power to provide clean, renewable energy.
  • They have the power to run silently.
  • They have the power to lower your energy bill. But most of all, they have the power to inspire.
Windspire vertical wind turbines. Changing the world… one revolution at a time.™


Productivity Guy said...

great idea!

the future of urban wind turbines is in making them attractive.

also, very interesting about the turbulence from other nearby wind turbines helping wind speeds.