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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Save $12.8 million a year

In "Another brick in the wall for carbon tax"
Tony Abbott visited Austral Bricks.
Tony Abbott visits Austral Bricks

Austral Bricks managing director Lindsay Partridge said the Brickworks had reduced carbon emissions by 40 per cent in the past decade, but the introduction of the carbon tax would cost his company $12.8 million a year.
After his hands-on experience, Mr Abbott shared a sausage sandwich and a few words with the employees.

“This is one of the many businesses in one of the many industries which is going to be badly hit by the Prime Minister’s toxic tax,” Mr Abbott said. “The thing about the carbon tax is that it’s going to be very tough for Australian families, it’s going to be particularly tough for Australian homebuyers.” 

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Should Austral Bricks Save $12.8 million a year?
Here is an example of technology that is "carbon-neutral", able to save Austral Bricks $12.8 million Carbon Tax per year.

Nexterra gasifiers can accommodate a wide range of wood fuels including bark and white wood sized to 3-inch minus with moisture content up to 60%. For most applications, wood fuel does not require drying or special pre-treatment. Nexterra gasifiers may also be adapted for other biomass fuels.

Nexterra systems are fully automated for unmanned operation with state-of-the-art PLC controls. The control system is designed to provide safe, efficient operation of the energy system.

 Nexterra gasifiers are more versatile than conventional combustion equipment. Syngas is a flexible fuel that can be conveyed and directly fired in existing heat recovery equipment such as kilns...

Update 6 June 2014 - Austral bricks goes carbon neutral

Austral Bricks Longford operation in Tasmania is the first brick-making facility to receive certification under the Government’s voluntary Carbon Neutral Program.

Congratulations to Austral Bricks on becoming a leader in their field.

For businesses, being carbon neutral means looking carefully for ways to reduce energy emissions, which makes good business sense as well as being good for the environment.