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Monday, December 17, 2012

China slashing carbon dioxide emissions

How to Halve Coal Demand and Cut Emissions by 75 per cent  
while Saving Money
Halve coal demand and cut emissions by 75 percent - hydromethanation

China adopts advanced U.S. technology

"Wanxiang believes that GreatPoint Energy’s Bluegas technology is currently the world’s most advanced, lowest cost and most environmentally friendly technology for transforming coal into natural gas."

The Bluegas hydromethanation technology developed and owned by GreatPoint Energy directly converts coal into pipeline quality natural gas, the cleanest commercial fuel in use globally. GreatPoint Energy’s proprietary technology operates at the highest efficiency with the least environmental impact, and produces natural gas at the lowest cost in the industry.

Inherent in the technology is the ability to capture nearly all emissions, including carbon dioxide, which can be sequestered and used for oil production through Enhanced Oil Recovery.

The technology is especially well suited for arid regions and where low-quality, concentrated coal resources are available, such as in Xinjiang. Together, Wanxiang and GreatPoint Energy also plan to develop large-scale Bluegas projects at other locations in Xinjiang and in other regions of China using the Bluegas technology.

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Case Studies - Natural Gas Cogeneration / Trigeneration

Castle Hill RSL

- Energy conversion efficiency over 80 percent possible with coal-to-natural gas technology

Carbon Training International Case study on Australia’s Castle Hill RSL Club’s cogeneration system.

Rooty Hill RSL

- Emissions cut 50 percent overnight

A Tri Generation system reduces Rooty Hill RSL's carbon emissions by more than 50 percent.

GE supplies gas turbine to industrial cogeneration plant in Nanxun

GE and its manufacturing partner, Nanjing Turbine & Electric Machinery (NTC) agreed to supply two gas turbines to Guodian Dianli's Nanxun industrial cogeneration power plant in China's Nanxun development zone.

Guodian Dianli is a Chinese power company. China Guodian Corporation is a state owned enterprise which is among the nation's five largest producers of electricity.

The new combined-cycle plant, which will generate to provide electricity and industrial heating for the Nanxun development zone, uses natural gas from China's West to East Pipeline II.

Both turbines will be shipped by December 2013 and the plant will begin operation in the second quarter of 2014.

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