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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pitiful sob story by head of World Coal Association

Milton Catelin, Chief Executive of the World Coal Association, told Power Engineering International that leaders are wrong not to give more consideration to investment in clean coal technology.
Power Engineering international
Catelin went on to claim -
“We don’t ‘push’ particular clean coal technologies over others.”

“Coal refining could remove other impurities such as mercury and sulphur,” he added. “However, the best earliest action on mitigation that could be undertaken now with off-the-shelf technology would be to raise the global average efficiency at coal power plants from their current 34 per cent to 40 per cent.”
Milton Catelin pleads for world leaders to give coal another chance
Milton Catelin pleads for world leaders to give coal another chance

In reality the coal industry had its chance to develop clean coal as a viable energy resource, and, upon realising that this would reduce demand for coal, turned its back on it.

The head of the World Coal Association is now pushing a pathetic case for coal power plants that achieve only 40 per cent thermal efficiency, feeling safe in the belief that political leaders are so stupid they will throw good money into smoky power plants spewing toxic chemicals into the air and that waste most of the coal poured into their furnaces.