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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

News blackout on carbon tax relief

What people have to say:
  • Everybody knows about the carbon tax and when it kicked in. Why not this?
  • The NSW and Federal Governments provide certain people and households with rebates on their electricity bills, and other forms of help to meet their electricity costs.
  • The NSW Family Energy Rebate - up to $250 a year in rebates for energy costs.
  • There are 540,000 families out there in New South Wales who are eligible, but only a few thousand have applied.
  • The rebate remains largely a secret while the Australian news media ear-bashes people about the carbon price.
  • This will be a great help to struggling families.
  • We're very much appreciative of Channel 9 (on 16 April 2013) for promoting the scheme (which began on 1 July 2011).