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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Farm machinery and road transport fuel choices

Three reasons why liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) are looking good for fueling farm machinery and road transport. 

1. Tax a trucking disgrace
2. WHO confirms diesel fumes carcinogenic
3. How long could Australia thrive if our oil supplies were cut?

Many Trucking Companies Testing Natural Gas Conversion
Many Trucking Companies Testing Natural Gas Conversion

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1. Tax a trucking disgrace

FarmOnline | Thursday April 11, 2013

LIVESTOCK transporters and produce truckers are in the firing line to go broke under the federal government’s carbon tax scheme.

That’s the grim warning about the trucking industry’s future delivered by Australian Trucking Association (ATA) chairman David Simon in an address at the National Press Club in Canberra last week.
Mr Simon said the Clean Energy Package was based on the assumption that businesses would respond to the carbon tax by reducing their energy use or switch to renewable energy sources, and that businesses that cannot would be able to increase their prices, subsequently changing their customers’ behaviour.

But neither of these assumptions fit the commercial reality of the trucking industry, he said.

“Trucking businesses only have limited opportunities to reduce their energy use. Switching to renewables is not generally an option,” he said. (Read more ...)

2. WHO confirms diesel fumes carcinogenic

ABC News | The World Today | Lexi Metherell  | Wednesday June 13, 2012

Experts at the World Health Organisation (WHO) say diesel engine exhaust fumes can cause cancer in humans.

They say they belong in the same potentially deadly category as asbestos, arsenic and mustard gas.

After a week-long meeting, the International Agency for Research on Cancer reclassified diesel exhausts from its group of probable carcinogens, to its group of substances that have definite links to cancer. (Read more ...)

3. How long could Australia thrive if our oil supplies were cut?

NRMA Motoring Blog | NRMA Policy Team | March 20, 2013

Australia is the world’s ninth-largest energy producer and there are many renewable and non-renewable energy resources in our country. Despite this, we are heavily dependent on imports of refined petroleum products and crude oil to meet our liquid fuel demand.

With such a spread-out population, Australia relies heavily on road transportation to move goods and services around. Our transport system is more than 95 per cent dependent on oil.

Did you know that if the oil stopped coming, goods and services could dry up in just over a week? (Read more ...)